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ChipperSwitch is my Audio/Visual Prodction how and art distribution company!

I also offer free Ableton Audio Effect racks for anyone to download!

Check it out here: Chipperswitch.com

Original Tracks

Here are the songs, crank it up and Enjoy!


Sirchuk's Mix CD Project

I make mix CDs and send em to my friends! You, yeah you! Order one now, their free!
All ya got to do is fill out this handy (and quite sassy) form!

Vivid Fade Mix CD

The first entry in my mix CD series, blending downtempo grooves and warm atmospheres. Lisen online, or ask me for a limited edition copy!

Soundcloud Link

Untitled Mix CD

Coming Soon!

Ableton Racks

Here are some Ableton Live FX racks I've made! If your interested in a custom rack or want a lesson in creating them, send me an e-letter!

There are more complete efects available, go to Chipperswitch.com for access to them!


This effect rack is a delay that gets darker as it repeats.

There are two independent delays, one left and one right, for a mono delay, match the right and left delay time knobs.

Use the "Time or Sync" knob to switch between a timed delay or a tempo synced delay.

This rack functions by daisy chaining effect racks with single repeat simple delays and low pass auto filters.

The "Echo Count" knob determines the number of active delays, thus how many times the signal is echoed.

Turning up the "Feedback" knob makes the delays in the chain repeat more than once, this can cause a gain overload so I put a glue compressor at the end as a soft clipping limiter. This effect get loud quick, so dial in the feedback slowly please!

Turning the brightness knob opens the auto filters a bit more so you get a repeats with a tad more high end.

The dry/wet knob starts with a clean un-effected signal, then mixes in the delay, then mixes out the original signal.

This rack evolved into something different, but it was inspired by the
Catalinbread Adineko “Oil Can Delay” guitar pedal. Check out this handy review of it by the Happy Time Pedal Show!

CPU Useage: 8/10 (Less when echo count is turned down)

Creative Commons License

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Version 4.0 released 10/14/16

Faux Rain

Currently being Re-vamped and retuned!

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