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Here are some samples of my academic writing on the subjects of electronic music creation, creative control, and distribution.

Computer Music: Making Way More With Much Less

This research essay examines the effect of personal computers on the production of electronic music. Using Nick Prior’s concept of computers as “Meta-instruments” it examines how computers have increased the popularity of creating electronic music by converging the capabilities of sound technologies that traditionally required multiple pieces of expensive equipment. By comparing the computer’s characteristics with other popular electronic instruments, the author draws the conclusion that accessibility is a key factor popular adoption of computers as music making tools. Drawing from the works of two electronic artists, Moldover and Chibi-Tech, this essay also expands the current understanding of computers and electronic music by showing that the effects of computers convergent properties also extend to the sound of the electronic music by enabling rapid juxtaposition of disparate sounds, and access to electronic devices that were never conventionally considered musical tools.

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Total Control: Identity Beyond Counterstance

In this essay I theorize that Flava D (A Female British DJ), visually conveys a sense of control that so exceeds her male counterparts, that it supersedes gender boundaries present in DJ culture, and begins to form an independent identity. Further, I explore how lay persons interpret control within a frame of dominant and subordinate relationships derived from racial stereotypes. In summation, I argue that the power of the Three Performers image comes from how it challenges the both lay and knowledgeable viewer’s conceptions of gender roles within DJ culture.

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Free to Pay: The Ethics of Music Streaming

What does the new paradigm of online music streaming have in store for musicans? Are those who make music "Creators" or "Musicans?" Are those who consume musical content "Fans" or "Users?" How does a websites labeling of these parties effect the expectation of compensation?

This case study makes an ethical evaluation of two online music distributors, Bandcamp.com and Soundcloud.com based on criteria drawn from Bernadette Calafell and Immanuel Kant’s framework of ethical hospitality.

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